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An intuitive learning method that introduces you to gradually understanding the mechanism of the language. And that, by allowing you to say your first sentences quickly!

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Course Learn Japanese or Korean from scratch with our courses for elemantary and for beginners.
Alphabet Learn the alphabet to better understand the mechanisms of language. Find out all about writing.
Vocabulary Improve your vocabulary with over 2100 words accompanied by pictures, flashcards and quizzes.
Grammar A doubt, review a grammar point with detailed grammar sheets. Or polish your language level.








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Learn Japanese

Do you want to understand and speak Japanese? You've come to the right place, we've gathered everything you need to learn to read, write and express your sentences and ask questions.

Discover content for all levels, whether you are a absolute beginner or a false beginner. Start learning or continue learning Japanese with us.

Hiragana Katakana Course Pronunciation Kanji Grammar Vocabulary Exercises

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Studying a language takes time

Learn step by step


The instructors

The lessons are written with native and bilingual teachers. We focus naturally spoken language.


Learn anytime

Take online classes at the perfect time for your schedule. Learn when you want and at your own pace.


Different modules

It is not a simple course, the lessons are accompanied by various supplements for more effective and faster results.

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Learn Korean

The key to success? Understanding the Korean language. Our different modules will help you improve your level of comprehension, vocabulary and grammar. And our courses allow you to express your first sentences quickly.

Whether you are a real beginner or a false beginner, you can start or continue learning Korean with us.

Hangeul Course Expressions Pronunciation Grammar Vocabulary Exercises Culture

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We have simplified the language to make it easier to learn. Our courses are composed of useful conversations that are directly usable in your future conversations. Ready to speak a new language?


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