About Us

What are we aiming for? Offer everyone the possibility of having a useful linguistic experience thanks to technology.

The Idea

Langasia was born on the idea of having a coherent platform allowing you to learn Korean or Japanese. Why these two languages? Because we are quite simply passionate about it, and we are sure you are passionate about one or both of these languages as well.


A bilingual team of Japanese, Korean, French, English and Belgian origin working together to provide you with the best of languages. With a long experience in learning languages, we have acquired the know-how to teach natural Japanese or Korean.

Our Goal

Langasia is affordable and open to everyone. We teach valuable, real life skills, which are up to date on everyday speaking language and we don't want you to waste your precious time with filler content.

Our vision

Make language learning accessible and help you learn one or both of the site's languages. Because we know from our French and English speakers that it is possible to learn Japanese or Korean, by offering you effective and comprehensive training.

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Join us and open to world of languages to you. Travel through the Korean language or the Japanese language with us. And get access to the best courses online to learn Japanese or Korean.

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