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What will you learn?

Until now, the different learning methods offered either too much grammar and the language became much too complicated, or too much vocabulary. And you can't create your sentences. We would like to change this and offer you a progressive method by providing you with the right dose of grammar and vocabulary.

A method that allows you to understand


Learning with Langasia is...

A courses allowing you to learn Korean from zero and continue to an advanced level, this means that you will be able to learn your first words and sentences. And then, continue with us to be able to perfect your level.

Intuitive lessons with conversations that are easy to reuse in a real situation. The progression is gradual and we offer regular repetitions and several exercises to help you not to forget.

Our courses are supplemented with other vocabulary lessons as well as grammar supplements and guides to help you better understand the language. Everything is always with easy to understand explanations.

An effective method

Let's see what this course will bring you. The foundation of our courses is based on the/your goals to be able to read, write, understand and express yourself fluently in Korean.


Read & Write

You will be able to read and write Korean script, i.e. Hangeul. You will also know the order of letters as well as the composition of syllables and how to write them correctly.


You will be able to understand common expressions, answer questions and ask questions. You will know usual expressions to respond like a Korean.


Grammar being very different from English, through our courses you will discover how to express yourself correctly by gradually creating your own sentences.


Vocabulary is also an important part of the language, our courses allow you to strengthen your vocabulary to express what you want.

A progressive and complete cours

Designed by bilinguals and native Korean, our pedagogy allows you to avoid most of the mistakes made by beginners in Korean. By moving forward in the method, most questions naturally find their answers. It is magic!

Step 1 - Hangeul
Learn to write and read
We start with the basics of the language by teaching you how to write and read Korean. Learning hangeul makes it easier for you to learn Korean later. pages.step1textitalicko
step 1
Step 2 - The basics
Learn mechanism of the Korean language
The Korean language is very different from English in its grammar, its ways of speaking or expressing itself. As with a building, process a good foundation is important in order to one day be able to express oneself properly.
step 2
Step 3 - Beginner
Learn to express yourself
Now that you know the basics and have learned the mechanism of the language, we will move on to more interesting topics. We will give you the keys to express yourself in a simple way on various subjects. You will be able to ask questions in Korean and answer them.
step 3
Step 4 - Intermediate
Start conversations
We continue with new themes, we review themes but this time a little more in detail. Through this module, you will be able to gently converse on simple subjects.
step 4
Step 5 - Advanced
Develop your conversations
We are coming at the best time, where you will be able to develop your conversations in Korean in greater depth. You will be able to express what you want with the vocabulary and grammar adapted to the situation.
step 3

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A cheat sheet, wallpapers, and table to review hangeul.

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