Hiragana - ひらがな

The modern Japanese language has hiragana syllabary consists of 46 base characters. Every lesson is separate from having time to memorize each syllable. These lessons contain flashcards and exercises to help you to remember hiragana efficiently.

Let's start at the beginning and learn the hiragana:

Every week a new lesson

More advanced level

  • Lesson 16: きゃ・きゅ・きょ
  • Lesson 17: しゃ・しゅ・しょ
  • Lesson 18: ちゃ・ちゅ・ちょ
  • Lesson 19: にゃ・にゅ・にょ
  • Lesson 20: ひゃ・ひゅ・ひょ
  • Lesson 21: みゃ・みゅ・みょ
  • Lesson 22: りゃ・りゅ・りょ
  • Lesson 23: ぎゃ・ぎゅ・ぎょ
  • Lesson 24: じゃ・じゅ・じょ
  • Lesson 25: びゃ・びゅ・びょ
  • Lesson 26: ぴゃ・ぴゅ・ぴょ
  • It is not finished yet...

    Have you mastered hiragana? Awesome! You have made good progress Now, let's study katakana together.

    Let's start learning katakana: